Maintaining low maintenance vinyl floors

By far the most widely sold vinyl flooring is the low maintenance type that is pre sealed in manufacture.

It is called low maintenance not because it doesn’t need cleaning but because it does not require polish and the associated tasks such as stripping and resealing and constant buffing.  Without going into the technical reasons, the floor can be damaged by too much buffing. There are many examples where the cleaning process can be reduced by developing a maintenance program suited to the flooring and conditions. An automatic floor scrubber works very quickly cleaning the floor with clean water and recovering the dirty water in the one process. It reduces the amount of chemical being used, leaves the floor dry reducing slip hazards and removes dirt and stains that deteriorate the flooring. Similarly, mopping with microfibre reduces the amount of chemical required and leaves the floor almost dry. Low maintenance floors are not designed to have a high gloss so scrubbing or mopping is all the maintenance required with the occasional buff to bond the surface. Neutral pH detergents are essential and the water can be warm but not hot and most important the floor must be swept regularly to remove sand and grit than can scour the surface.

We can design a maintenance program  to suit your floor and environment - just give us a call.

Nilfisk VP300 Vacuum Cleaner 

The Nilfisk VP300 vacuum cleaner with standard Hepa filter has become an instant success.

Hepa filtration on vacuum cleaners is being specified by more and more building owners to reduce “dirty air” in their buildings. Studies have shown that vacuum cleaners are the main generator of dust in multi storied buildings with increasing concentrations the higher you go. Hepa filtration dramatically reduces dust emissions particularly when used with disposable dust bags. The VP300 actually has 4 stages of filtration with a dust bag, Hepa filter, cloth filter and an exhaust filter. The machine has a powerful 1200 watt motor and a 10 litre dust bag capacity which fills completely before needing to be changed. Most repairs to vacuum cleaners is the power lead. The 10m power lead on the VP300 can be changed by the operator so a spare lead means that the machine does not have to come to the shop to be serviced.        

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