Easier Shower Cleaning

Easier Shower Cleaning

Try this at home, it takes about 1 minute but can dramatically reduce one of the most hated jobs in home cleaning, washing the shower walls.

Think about it. We wash with soap - soap is basically made from fat and caustic. We wash to remove dirt and body fat and dead skin. The water from the shower splashes the soap and the body fat and the dead skin onto the walls and shower screen.

When finished showering use a simple window squeegee and squeegee the water from the walls and shower screen and even the floor to the floor waste.

You will be amazed how clean the shower walls remain because you have physically removed the pollutants and it is far easier cleaning the floor than the walls. In a work environment you can’t really ask the person showering to clean the cubicle but rinsing the walls with water and drying the walls with a squeegee can reduce the frequency of scrubbing.


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